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Fight Back Against Your Cyber Stalker

February 11, 2014

Fight back against your cyber stalker

There are many ebooks written on cyber bullying and cyber stalking. Most are commissioned by internet marketers keen to cash in on the explosion of interest about online harassment. They are created by professional writers with no experience or interest in the topic. They simply do some online research and produce a book on the topic usually in a few days.

The book will inevitably contain the same regurgitated material that is found in most of the other books along with lots of fluff.

What makes the Cyber Bullying and Stalking Guide different is that it is written by a technically savvy internet security specialist who also happens to be a victim of a cyber stalker. Chris Bennetts knows what it’s like to be the target of a seriously disturbed online stalker.

For the first few years he followed the popular advice of simply ignoring the cyber stalker but discovered that putting one’s head in the sand like an ostrich and just hoping the harassment would stop does not always work.

Sometimes a victim needs to fight back against a cyber stalker. The important thing is not to fall into the trap of playing the cyber stalker’s game.

The Cyber Bullying and Stalking Guide provides strategies and techniques for dealing with all types of harassment. Sometimes ignoring online harassment, especially in the early stages, is an effective way of dealing with online harassment. When ignoring them does not work then a victim needs to know how to effectively fight back using a number of strategies and techniques you will not read about in all those other ebooks.

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About the Author:

Christopher is an IT specialist with 30 years of experience in developing technology working with corporates and SME’s. Chris is a Microsoft Certified System Engineer and holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, as well as numerous certificate based qualifications in technology and application development. Christopher is the CEO of internetSOS - A project to help people learn how to protect themselves online.

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