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FBI won’t get involved unless a matter of National Security

January 11, 2013

FBIIf you are being cyber stalked don’t bother to call the FBI. The agency has said it will not as a general rule get involved in any cyber stalking incidents unless it is a matter of national security.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations does not as a rule, investigate incidents of cyber-stalking or online harassment in federal criminal complaints. Rather, such incidents are considered by the federal government to be civil matters.In fact, an Associated Press review of cyber-stalking incidents over the last two years, in which the FBI became involved were so few you could count them on both hands – with a finger or two left over.

The association of Paula Broadwell to former CIA Chief David Petraeus has brought to light a situation where the FBI has become involved due to national security issues.

Jill Kelley’s complaint was considered an exception to the rule from the start. The emails caught the attention of the FBI’s cyber-division due to information indicating that the sender knew the travel schedules of ex CIA chief, David Petraeus and the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen.

The fallout was tremendous for the CIA and subsequently for David Petraeus who had to resign his position.

The first email, addressed to Marine General John Allen and several other top military leaders was sent last May, from “Kelleypatrol” and later traced via digital fingerprints to Petraeus biographer, Paula Broadwell. In addition to a warning to stay away from Ms. Kelley, the email mentioned Gen. Allen’s plans to meet with Kelley in Washington the following week.

Both Petraeus and Broadwell received an enormous amount of media flak. The result of emails being traced back to their origin which is an easy enough job for an experienced IT tech. Maybe they should have stuck with morse code.


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