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September 6, 2012

Cyber stalking is a relatively new phenomenon considering the history of stalking is probably as old as humanity itself.Our new system of communication and information gathering has opened the doors to many people who were either traditional stalkers or newcomers to this activity to become armchair cyber stalkers.

The reasons for cyber stalking remain the same as conventional stalking. The stalker wants to exert control over their victims. In many cases the cyber stalker has a prior relationship with the victim.In a lot of cases stalking begins when one of the party ends the relationship. One would think that it is normally the male, if he is the one being jilted, who starts the online harassment/cyber stalking. But statistics are showing that a growing number of females are now the cyber stalkers. The internet gives the stalker a safe physical distance from their victim. In the past it would not have been common for a female to physically stalk their male victim purely because of the stronger male doing physical damage to the female. The internet era now gives the cyber stalker the ability to inflict pain on their victim from the safety of home.

Another aspect that the internet has provided is the ease of a troll or cyber stalker to collect personal information and target strangers as victims. These people suffer from psychological problems and feel the need to satiate their desires at the expense of complete strangers. This form of online harassment and cyber stalking is purely for the gratification of the stalker.

The best way for a victim to not give the cyber stalker gratification is to NOT respond to any emails, posts, messages, etc. but in most cases this is very difficult for any victim who is feeling very stressed and wants the whole episode to end. It is always a good idea to get help from family and friends for both moral and technical support. Sometimes it is necessary to get professional assistance if the victim is feeling desperate.

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Christopher is an IT specialist with 30 years of experience in developing technology working with corporates and SME’s. Chris is a Microsoft Certified System Engineer and holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, as well as numerous certificate based qualifications in technology and application development. Christopher is the CEO of internetSOS - A project to help people learn how to protect themselves online.

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